Exercising in Saint Augustine, FL

Exercise is fundamental to creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

The benefits of exercise have a lasting effect long after you have stopped the activity. Exercise can help fight disease, control weight, improve mood, boost energy, and so much more.

Many people worry that exercise will worsen their spinal or joint condition, but in most cases, exercise combined with chiropractic care is important in the management of painful conditions of the joints and spine. Patients with a history of heart problems should consult with their doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Types of Exercise to Combine with Chiropractic Care

Low Back

If a patient feels best when bending over (flexion biased), exercises such as pulling the knees to the chest, posterior pelvic tilts, bending forward from a sitting position, and a host of others can help provide relief.


If a patient has fewer symptoms while in extension, primarily if your leg pain centralizes or decreases (extension biased), leg strengthening exercises are appropriate.


Strengthening of the pelvic stabilizing muscles (core muscles), hamstrings, adductors, and other overly short or tight postural muscles, as well as proprioceptive or balance promoting exercises can improve outcomes.

Tips to Start Your New Fitness Lifestyle

  • Make a Plan

    Decide on what time works for you, schedule that block of time in your phone, and stick to it.

  • Micro Workouts

    It takes about 20 seconds to do 10 pushups. Think what you can do in 5 minutes - and then just do it!

  • YouTube It

    Who doesn't love free? With YouTube, there are thousands of free workout videos. Pick one and go!

  • Mindset

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." (Lao-tzu) Just get started!

  • Combining Chiropractic and Daily Exercise Promotes a Healthy Body.

    Overall, exercise helps promote proper digestion, keeps the muscles toned, and improves circulation. Even an activity as simple as walking around the block at least once or twice a day is a convenient and beneficial activity. Also, many forms of work and/or household tasks can function as an exercise program. The important point is to exercise!

    Dr. Berry recognizes the importance of exercise for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

    For more information call us today. 904-940-0361

Let The Village Chiropractic Center Lead You to a Healthier Lifestyle.

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