Nutrition & Weight Loss in 32092

Nutrition comprises more than simply eating three meals a day.

It involves the materials needed to heal and maintain your health, and includes the vitamins, minerals, and tissue building quality of what you eat. Some foods should be avoided, while others consumed more frequently for optimal health.

Eating for Health

In the current environment of information overload how do you determine the diet that's best for you and your family? How do you eat to regain or maintain your health, to experience vitality, and longevity?
Nutrition and weight loss are vast topics that can be filled with conflicting information. Perhaps you have tried every diet and still find yourself gaining weight. Maybe you are starting to notice the effects of your diet on how you feel on a daily basis. 
If you're looking for ways to keep your family healthy, or if you are trying to heal from a major health issue, eating the right foods is a vital part of your health transformation.
Dr. Berry has helped individuals like you to change their diet and transform their health. Many of his patients have needed help navigating one of the most important aspects of their lives and their health...How to fuel their bodies through optimal nutrition. 

You Should Avoid

  • Smoking and Alcohol

  • White refined sugar and candy

  • Soda and excessive caffeine

  • “Junk Food” and empty calories

  • Processed foods high in salt content

Increase Intake

  • Water

  • Vegetables and Fruits

  • Lean Meats

  • Whole Grains

  • Nuts and Seeds

  • Remember, if your specific condition requires special dietary requirements, consult your doctor!

    Changing your diet can change your life. With a good support system and consistent healthy eating habits, most people can reach their weight loss goals. The Village Chiropractic Center in Saint Augustine, FL can provide you with safe and effective methods to reach your fullest potential.

    For more information call us today. 904-940-0361

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