Proper spinal motion is starts with flexibility and strength.

Proper spinal motion starts with flexibility and strength. Having adequate flexibility of tissues around the spine and pelvis allows for normal spinal motion, prevents abnormal forces on the joints, and decreases the likelihood of injury.

Stretching exercises can be done throughout the day to counter the effects of excess sitting or prolonged activities. They are also ideal following a workout when increased circulation to muscles and joints creates greater flexibility and helps to prevent soreness. 

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Research has shown that people who are physically fit are less likely to have back pain and injuries. They will also recover much faster from injuries than those who are less physically fit.

The abdominal and back muscles help to stabilize the spine allowing proper spinal movement and correct posture. Also, having strong leg and hip muscles allows for proper lifting techniques and body mechanics. Strengthening back and abdominal muscles can help to relieve back pain, provide energy, promote a feeling of wellness, and make daily activities much easier.

As always, if you are experiencing back pain, be sure to check with your physician before starting an exercise routine.

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Myths and Facts About Chiropractic

There are many myths out there about chiropractic. Let's set the record straight.

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Myth #1: Chiropractors Are Not Real Doctors


Chiropractors have the same level of education as medical doctors and are licensed as primary health care doctors. The difference between chiropractors and medical doctors has to do with how they treat the human body. Where medical doctors rely on external chemical compounds or surgeries to treat ailments, chiropractors focus on the structure of the body to affect its function, as well as lifestyle changes that impact health. Because of this, chiropractic is highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions without resorting to medication.

Myth #2: Chiropractic Adjustments Are Dangerous


This is just wrong. As a matter of fact, you are hundreds of times more likely to suffer an adverse reaction to taking an aspirin than you are from having a chiropractic adjustment. Most people don’t realize that there are more than 100,000 adverse reactions each year from taking a simple aspirin, while there are fewer than 100 adverse reactions to chiropractic adjustments. When you consider that there are over 3 million people being adjusted in one year, the risk from being adjusted is miniscule. 

Myth #3: Once You Start Chiropractic You Must Continue Forever


While this is not true, it is important to remember that many types of physicians will continue to treat you for various ailments for the rest of your life. For example, how often do you go to your dentist? Isn't it true that your dentist will keep scheduling visits even when you have no tooth pain? We all learned at an early age the value of routine maintenance for our teeth, but most of us never learned the importance of the same type of routine maintenance for the spine. Likewise, most people will continue to see their general practitioner when they have a fever, pains, or injury. Though most patients initially seek chiropractic care because of pain or dysfunction some may choose to continue with occasional care specifically because chiropractic adjustments help them to feel better and inprove their performance and functioning! Whether you choose pain relief care or just want a tune up of your muscle and joints, at The Village Chiropractic Center your care is always up to you.

Myth #4: Medical Doctors Don’t Like Chiropractors


For the most part there is little animosity towards chiropractors from the medical community. As a matter fact, more and more medical doctors and nurses are being treated by chiropractors every year. Chiropractors are now on staff at many major hospitals, the military, working at insurance companies, and working side by side with medical doctors in private clinics.

Myth #5: People Can Adjust Themselves by “Cracking” Their Neck or Back


It would be almost impossible to adjust yourself in a way that frees any fixations or corrects any areas of segmental dysfunction. Some people can get their neck or back to “pop,” but this usually only affects areas that are not the true culprit. It can make you feel slightly better for various reasons, but it is not effective for actual areas of dysfunction and injury. Just as you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, it's best to leave the adjustments of your back and neck to the professional chiropractor. Even professionals cannot adjust themselves.

Myth #6: Spinal Adjustments Hurt


Many patients feel instant relief with their treatments. For obvious reasons, patients suffering from severe neck or back pain may experience some discomfort, but for most patients this is not the case. In fact, most patients look forward to their chiropractic treatments. At The Village Chiropractic Center, Dr. Berry uses the ProAdjuster to adjust the spine, so you are seated in a comfortable position and experience no twisting, "popping," or "cracking." Believe it or not, some people love that "crack", and for those people we wil gladly provide the "old school" manual adjustments.

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Spinal Health

Many people don't realize the importance of spinal health.

The spine provides support for the body and protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the central core of the nervous system and relays information between the brain and the rest of the body. Some of the nerves from the spinal cord control sensations and movements of the body and these nerves must function properly so that your posture, movement, strength, and balance are working properly as well. 

You understand the importance of dental health so you go to the dentist twice a year and brush and floss daily. Spinal health is vital to the health of your entire body. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments to improve and maintain spinal range of motion, keeping active, and maintaining good posture are important to the health of your spine and nervous system.

Staying Active Is One of the Keys to Maintaining Spinal Health.

Staying active throughout your life is vital to maintaining spinal health. With many processes in the body, the concept of "use it or lose it" applies. Muscles that aren't exercised will atrophy. Bones that aren't challenged by the effects of gravity often will soften. Joints that aren't freqently moved will lose range of motion. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. While a body at rest tends to stay at rest. 

Not only can you sustain physical injury due to inactivity, but your mental focus can decrease as well. You can become unproductive and fall into a negative spiral of decreased energy. Eventually this can cause major problems with your body and physical exhaustion can begin to occur regularly. Too little activity negatively affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Why Chiropractic in Saint Augustine, FL

Before considering invasive alternatives, always look for gentle and natural treatments.

Chiropractic Care is typically associated with back and neck pain primarily due to the success we have in treating these problems. Chiropractic can actually help you with so much more. Before considering invasive alternatives, always look for gentle and natural treatments.

Patients are often amazed at how good they feel almost immediatly when Dr. Berry adjusts them with the ProAdjuster. It's hard to believe that such a gentle adjustment can be so effective and long-lasting - without any twisting, popping, or cracking.

Learn more about chiropractic care with the ProAdjuster.

Why Chiropractic in Saint Augustine


Below is a limited list of conditions that The Village Chiropractic Center in Saint Augustine, FL is very effective in treating.


  • Neck Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Leg Pain (Sciatica)

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Allergies/Sinus Conditions

  • Arthritis Pain/Joint Stiffness

  • Stress

  • Mood Swings

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Low Energy/Fatigue

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Don't See Your Symptom?

    At The Village Chiropractic Center, we utilize Chiropractic for the treatment of many symptoms and conditions. If you don't see your specific problem that doesn't mean we can't treat it! Just give us a call to find out.

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Patient Reviews

TOM, St. Augustine, FL

Dr. Berry,

I would like to thank you for showing concern for a new client. I came to your office last Thursday and your putting concern for me instead of your business SAVED MY LIFE. You arranged for me to get an EKG prior to the chiropractic visit, and that set a series of events in motion that led to having a 100% blockage in my artery removed that same day. If I had delayed (or not followed through with your instructions) I might not be here today. I want to thank you for having that concern and wait until I get back into your office and thank you personally. Again, thanks.

Elmer B.

Just before Christmas I stopped in your office, late in the day unannounced, and you were getting ready to leave. You delayed your departure to take care of the pain in my neck. Later, after you left, I learned that you were anxious to leave because your wife was not well.

Sir, that is patient care "above and beyond"! Many thanks for your special attention in light of the circumstances.

Blessings, E.B.


After years of pain, Dr. Berry and his staff gave me a new lease on life. When I leave their office after a treatment I have so much energy and are virtually pain free.

Thanks for changing my pain to painfree.



About two years ago I took a fifteen hour road trip, after which I experienced extreme pain in my back and right leg. After recieving treatment from various massage therapists and chiropractors for two years I experienced no real pain relief.

I was sharing my experiences with several of my friends one evening and one of my friends spoke of Dr. Berry who was successful in treating her husbands leg discomfort.

Dr. Berry introduced me to the ProAdjuster. I was given detailed information on how it works and why I was having pain. The information he has given me has become a path to my recovery.

Dr. Berry and his staff are kind, caring health professionals. They make it easy and comfortable to share the details of my pain. In a few short weeks my pain has subsided.


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