Back Pain

Back pain is a growing epidemic for Americans. In fact, it’s the most common physical complaint that leads to loss of job and lost job time.

Back pain includes low back pain, middle back pain, and upper back pain. Nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis can create back pain.

 What Are Some of the Causes of Back Pain?

  • Back Injuries

    Back injuries often occur during recreational activities, sports, work activities, or projects at home. The low back is often the site of pain due to the amount of weight it bears. At some point 80-90% of Americans will suffer from some type of back pain.

  • Spinal Stenosis

    This occurs when the spinal canal or neural foramen gets narrower putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. This can lead to pain, numbness, weakness in the arms and legs. In severe cases it can lead to loss of bowel or bladder control or sexual dysfunction.

  • Bulging or Herniated Discs

    The discs are like cushions acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae in your spine. These can bulge, rupture, and tear pressing on the nerve. This can lead to pain, but many times is  found incidentally on MRI with no pain.

  • Osteoarthritis

    Also known as "wear and tear" arthritis is a chronic degenerative joint condition that occurs when joint cartilage breaks down, leading to pain, stiffness, and bone overgrowth. Osteoarthritis results from overuse, underuse, injury, or misalignment of joints.

  • Spine Curvature Disorders

    These are abnormalities in which the natural curves of the spine are misaligned or exaggerated in certain areas. A few of these are lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. These spinal abnormalities can be congenital or acquired due to postural changes or injuries.

  • Spondylolisthesis

    A defect or fracture of one or both wing-shaped parts of a vertebra that can result in a vertebra slipping forward, backward, or over the bone below it. Spondylolisthesis can be congenital or caused by trauma, infection, or disease.

Treatment Goals for Back Pain
How do we reach our treatment goals?
Dr. Berry has helped thousands of patients with back pain over the course of 16 years as a chiropractic physician. He will determine whether gentle chiropractic adjustments could relieve your pain, and also recommend home care such as exercises and nutritional changes to decrease inflammation and speed the healing process.
By treating the core dysfunctions of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, and pelvis and the surrounding musculature, we enable your body to heal itself naturally. 
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Patient Reviews

TOM, St. Augustine, FL

Dr. Berry,

I would like to thank you for showing concern for a new client. I came to your office last Thursday and your putting concern for me instead of your business SAVED MY LIFE. You arranged for me to get an EKG prior to the chiropractic visit, and that set a series of events in motion that led to having a 100% blockage in my artery removed that same day. If I had delayed (or not followed through with your instructions) I might not be here today. I want to thank you for having that concern and wait until I get back into your office and thank you personally. Again, thanks.

Elmer B.

Just before Christmas I stopped in your office, late in the day unannounced, and you were getting ready to leave. You delayed your departure to take care of the pain in my neck. Later, after you left, I learned that you were anxious to leave because your wife was not well.

Sir, that is patient care "above and beyond"! Many thanks for your special attention in light of the circumstances.

Blessings, E.B.


After years of pain, Dr. Berry and his staff gave me a new lease on life. When I leave their office after a treatment I have so much energy and are virtually pain free.

Thanks for changing my pain to painfree.



About two years ago I took a fifteen hour road trip, after which I experienced extreme pain in my back and right leg. After recieving treatment from various massage therapists and chiropractors for two years I experienced no real pain relief.

I was sharing my experiences with several of my friends one evening and one of my friends spoke of Dr. Berry who was successful in treating her husbands leg discomfort.

Dr. Berry introduced me to the ProAdjuster. I was given detailed information on how it works and why I was having pain. The information he has given me has become a path to my recovery.

Dr. Berry and his staff are kind, caring health professionals. They make it easy and comfortable to share the details of my pain. In a few short weeks my pain has subsided.


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